2nd Round of Special Educational Needs Parent- Teacher Meeting

Posted on:2022-10-01Posted By:Sonam Zangmo (SENCo)

Students with disability’s Parent- Teacher meeting was conducted on 30th September, 2022. It was sort of an advocacy program, information sharing and as well as discussion on way forward for the SEN program in the school. The meeting was attended by thirty parents of students with disability, SEN core team, and principal as a chairperson.

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Demo on EVM (electronic voting machine)

Posted on:2022-09-29Posted By:Sangay Dorji

Since the voting for the Vice-captain Election is nearning, students have to know how to vote in EVM. 
Democracy Club coordinator demonstrated on voting through EVM to the students and teachers.

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Vice-Captain Election Campaign

Posted on:2022-09-28Posted By:Sangay Dorji

“Leadership is unlocking people\'s potential to become better.” —Bill Bradley

On 27th October after the 7th period, the Vice-Captain Election Campaign was conducted coordinated by the Democracy Club. 

Total of nine contestants (3 boys & 6 girls) gave their manifestos. 

The voting will be done on 1st October.

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