Science Exhibition

Posted on:2022-10-19Posted By:Rajesh Gurung (Science HoD)

Students learn better through experimentation and experience. The world in the 21st century needs students not only equipped with scientific knowledge but also students who are skillful and can apply and make use of the scientific knowledge that they have acquired in the classroom and outside the classroom into something that is valuable and constructive to the world.

The preliminary round of the science exhibition, which was held on 17th of October had all the students from classes 4 to 10 engaged to display their hard work. 

The platform offers our youth to display their fine, innate and creative mind to the outside world. As some of the tasks, which are normally not routine one; such tasks can enable students to put themselves into the problem and find out the solutions for themselves, not only that it also offers an opportunity to improve English language, as they have to be fluent and communicate well. All these in turn can help the youth themselves to appreciate the world and the subject of study that they do at school.