Inter-house Dzongkha Quiz Competition

Posted on:2022-10-11Posted By:Sangay Dorji

In the world of education there are many different ways to teach and to consolidate what has been learned, and quizzes can be one of the ways. It helps in gaining concentration, identifying gaps in knowledge, build confidence and help children retain information. 

On 8th October, an inter-house Dzongkha quiz competition was conducted coordinated by the Dzongkha literary team. The questions were categorized into three - history, current affairs, and general knowledge. In the first and second round, each house had a chance to answer two rounds of questions and in the third round, it was a rapid fire round which consisted of ten questions. 

Druk House with 8 points stood fourth, Taag House with 14 points stood third, Singye House with 15 points stood second and Chhung House with 17 points stood first.