2nd Round of Special Educational Needs Parent- Teacher Meeting

Posted on:2022-10-01Posted By:Sonam Zangmo (SENCo)

Students with disability’s Parent- Teacher meeting was conducted on 30th September, 2022. It was sort of an advocacy program, information sharing and as well as discussion on way forward for the SEN program in the school. The meeting was attended by thirty parents of students with disability, SEN core team, and principal as a chairperson. The meeting started with Principal’s wisdom sharing on the overall SEN program followed by the interactive sessions where parents shared their expectations, concerning issues related to SEN program, and the changes it brought to their children’s learning and behavior. 

The team informed the floor about the up gradation of Phuentsoling Middle Secondary School to Phuentsholing Higher Secondary School, starting of self-contained class by the academic year 2023., the process of transitioning of the students from class-class and school- school, Assessment process and the criteria for the promotion to next grade, and the importance of children’s attendance in the class as per the new EMIS’s criteria for the promotion. Teachers and Parents had a thorough discussion on the self-care. Both the parties became aware of their own roles and responsibilities as a parent and a teacher. 

Parents were also notified about the Extended Learning-Time. If the child was not able to take all the general subject at one go in the current year, he or she can split the subjects and complete the course within two to three years. However, the school has to notify the Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment (BCSEA) in the starting year of the Extended Learning-Time. The team on behalf of the school also shared good news about the coming up of separate SEN Unit in the fiscal year 2022-2023.The meeting fruitfully ended with a simple refreshment sponsored by school management board.