Mock Drill

Posted on:2022-09-25Posted By:Karma Choney Om

“Preparedness is the calm before, during and after the storm.”

Every year, 21st September is observed as National Earthquake Mock Drill Day in schools across the country, in remembrance of the casualties of major earthquake that struck Eastern Bhutan in the year 2009 and 2011.  

The earthquake drill and preparedness activity was conducted to make the students and teachers aware on safety and evacuation measures. 

The following steps were followed: 

1.1st Siren- Onset of earthquake

-DROP, COVER and HOLD, a quake safe action designed to protect lives and prevent injuries from falling and flying objects.

2.2nd Siren- About 1 minute after the first siren has been heard. 

-Evacuate(With heads covered using a hard object) in a single line if the exit is narrow and in double lines if otherwise. 

3.Gather in the emergency designated areas numbered block/ class-wise. 

4.The class teachers did a head count of their students and report it to the incident commander(Principal) for necessary follow-up. 


Be safe, stay safe.