Reaching the unreached through collaboration

Posted on:2021-06-04Posted By:Thinley Jamtsho

Ever since the third lock down that started on 17th April, 2021, the teaching modality transcends from face-to-face to fully online. Online teaching created so many inconveniences to teachers, parents and the students. The factors contributing to these challenges were claimed to be: network connectivity, data packages, and gadgets that support online classes. 

The school management explored strategies and techniques to address the problems that hindered smooth functioning of online classes. Concerns were raised to Thromde as well as to the Ministry of Education. With the intervention from the ministry the network providers, Bhutan Telecom and TashiCell agreed to provide 60% extra data under student package which most of the students are availing and few are in the process. 

There are many cases where a single cell phone is being used by 3 to 4 siblings alternatively and few cases where the household does not have a single cell phone that hindered the students’ participation. Mrs. Samten Wangmo could initiate to get a (VIVO Y12S) which is given to a student of nine who was without a smartphone. 

Online lessons are not just having internet connectivity and smart phones but regular draining of data packages is another challenge especially for needy students. There were six students identified by student support service (SSS) who were not in a position to recharge their vouchers. School is again extremely happy when the Proprietor of Dophu Transport agreed to recharge Nu. 299 for six needy students monthly. 

As unlocking is uncertain, online class has to be continued. The school is still in the process of looking for the donors for those children where a single phone is being shared by 3 to 4 siblings, therefore, if there is any potential donor wishing to reach your help in education, please do contact school management or SSS unit for further information and query.