Online classes

Posted on:2021-05-22Posted By:Deepak Raj Chetri

Prior to the lock down, both students and teachers were thoroughly briefed and oriented on the process, procedure and functionalities of Google Classroom and its overall operation. 

On April 17, the national covid task force announced about the lockdown at Pling and its satellite town with immediate effect. With lock down, face-to-face teaching and learning processes are disrupted and teachers and students have to shift towards online. Under the supervision of the class teacher, google classroom was created and started enrolling students and at the same time, teachers were also invited into the classroom. 

With immediate plans and programs from school management, the school started online classes. Initially, the students participation was marginal, however, with push and pull from subject tutors and from the respective class parent, now, the students participation and turnout is commendable. 

During the course of lockdown, teachers were also trained through online on preparing online lessons, the part of LMS. The agenda behind such training was to enhance in designing online lessons. Various lessons like voice over presentation, short videos explanation, work book, and others material are posted in their google classroom daily.  On the assessment part, teachers post questions, prepare quizzes using google slides and other relevant techniques are also used in testing the understanding. 

Digital classes are going smoothly much better than previous year.