Relocated School Returning to Pling

Posted on:2021-01-27Posted By:Thinley Jamtsho

Phuentsholing MSS is currently relocated here at Thinleygang PS under Punakha dzongkhag. Thromde schools were relocated after viewing Pling as being a vulnerable and high-risk zone for the virus. Initially, during the relocation scheme, teachers and students were with the understanding that after completion of the academic year and with the completion of the home and common exam, students and teachers would be returning to Pling for their next academic year. 

However, according to Education Minister, teachers and students were informed during his visit to relocated school stating that none will return to Pling in the next academic year. Students will be placed in different schools and so as the teachers. Upon hearing the news, not just students, many teachers were emotionally and mentally disturbed. For almost a week or so, teachers were not able to concentrate on their classroom teaching and planning process.  Soon after the news, the HRD team from the ministry visited the school. According to them, students are informed to select three Dzongkhag, and accordingly, Ministry will place them in one of the schools from the given three Dzongkhag. The case was no different with the teachers. Secondary Teachers are also given the option to select three dzongkhag and accordingly secondary teachers will be placed and for that, the team informed the teachers to stay prepared for the transfer. Upon the HRD team sharing their purpose of visit, many teachers left with heavy hearts, and worst of all, some teachers couldn’t control their tears in their eyes. To that extend, teachers were emotionally tormented. 

Similarly, parents were also not happy with the decision of relocating thromde schools. Many parents even gave their views and opinion on various social media and national-level news platforms sharing their concerns, worries, and pouring frustrations. Many shared their views stating that many are not ready to be in boarding school as their child is too small and they have never stayed away. Another concern was even if they relocate, there is no guarantee of viruses not hitting. 

To great relief, Ministry finally came with the decision of not relocating schools. This news brought huge relief and joys of happiness and smiles in every face who was worried and disrupted emotionally. Upon hearing the news, many students gave their view of happiness. Some even shared that; they can now concentrate well on their studies.