WEEKLY TEST – An academic activity

Posted on:2020-11-17Posted By:Thinley Jamtsho

Testing individual in terms of knowledge, skills, and other personal qualities has always been radically a challenge and difficult phenomena. However, various tools are used, and one common tool that is widely practiced across nations is examination.

Pling MSS has always been into such activity partly to engaged students into academic learning environment. And other reason is to engage students fruitfully during weekend. With such activity in placed, school has benefited and wishing to continue.

However, with covid-19 pandemic, weekly test has to suspend with the closure of school across the nation. Never the less, after relocating and reopening of school across the kingdom, entire school activities started with the understanding of wholesome development in the young mind. They need guidance, planned activities and opportunities to exercise their interest. During the due course of engagement, wisdom and experiences will come along.

With the settled mind and body, on 2-nov-2020, first weekly test started, where class X, they did Mathematics and Physics for 9 standard. Weekly test were conducted in their respective class under the guidance and leadership of class teacher. On every Friday, student securing the highest is awarded with weekly test topper badges during morning assembly. A child has a privilege to wear for a entire week.   

The students in the photograph are the badge holder in first weekly test.